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Buyers & Sellers Guide

Quick Start

The basic steps you should start with,while you newly join Gold Suppliers. More>>

High Quality Posting
Product information quality is one of the factors influencing product ranking. Making high quality products can help you get more exposure from potential buyers. Video | Text >>

Create a Company Profile on B2BHelpline.com
Your Company Profile tells potential customers your business type, products/services you offer, and other background information. Video | Text >>

Selling Opportunities with Buying Requests
Make use of the Buying Requests to look for buyers and their sourcing needs and get in touch with buyers directly. Video | Text >>

Advanced Tips

Learn ways to search for buyers and promote products,etc.,on B2BHelpline.com More>>

How to Reply RFQs Better
Buyers like the quotations with high quality. It is important to reply RFQs better to get buyers' response quickly. Video | Text >>

Biz Trends
Biz Trends is a real-time statistical analysis tool developed to help you analyze your online performance, better understand buyers' behavior. Text >>

Understanding the Buyers
Keep up with the buyers' purchase behaviors and expectations so that you can maximize your business opportunities. Video | Text >>

How to Respond to Buyer Inquiries
In case you receive many inquiries but not knowing who to reply first, let's see how we can screen and classify the inquiries so that we can set different... Video | Text >>

Safe Trading

Tips Key information about account security,our posting policies and guidelines. More>>

How to Deal with Phishing Emails?
Phishing messages are usually sent by email or by instant messenger. How to Recognize and Deal with Phishing Emails? Here are some guidelines for you. More >>

How to Use Complaint Center
How to report suspected transaction disputes, product information in violation of our policies on Complaint Center. Text >>